Mica and Plastic film capacitor: Working principle, Construction.

Mica capacitor | Stacked Mica | Metallized mica | Plastic film capacitor | Polystyrene | Polytetrafluoroethylene (P.T.F.E) | Construction | Advantage | Application | Specification | In this article, we are studied how the Mica and plastic film capacitor works. We also study its construction, its specification, Applications, etc. Mica and plastic film capacitors are … Read more

Variable Capacitors: Types, working principle, specification.

Variable Capacitors | Tuning capacitor | Trimmer capacitor | Air cored| plastic cored capacitor | Working principle | Specifications | Advantages | Applications | A variable capacitor is a capacitor whose capacitance will vary by rotating its shaft by using mechanical adjustment. Depending on the type of application, there are two types of capacitors. 1. … Read more

What is non electrolytic capacitor?

What is non electrolytic capacitor | Paper, Ceramic, Glass capacitors | Working principle | Specifications | What is a non polarized electrolytic capacitor | Applications | What are types of the non electrolytic capacitor: 1. Paper 2. Ceramic 3. Glass 4. Plastic film 5.Mica 1. What is non electrolytic paper capacitor: The non electrolytic paper … Read more

Specification of Capacitor: Working voltage, Resistance, etc.

Specification of capacitor | Different features | Physical activities | Engineering observations of capacitor | Mathematical analysis of capacitor| While selecting a capacitor we must know the following specification: 1. Its value and capacitance. 2. Capacitor working voltage: DC working voltage is the safe voltage across a capacitor to prevent dielectric breakdown – a condition … Read more

What is the Surface Mount Technology:

What is the Surface Mount Technology | Its different types | Its different parameter | Surface mount technology: As in SMT holes will not use for leads, it uses concurrent engineers that will design, manufacturing tests, and marketing people also decide board layout, parts, placement, test packaging, etc. Various parameters controlled carefully using design for … Read more

Variable Inductor: Types, Construction, Application, etc

Types of variable Inductor | Slug-tuned inductor | Tapped inductor | What is the Frequency Range inductor | variable inductor application and construction | Types of variable inductor: In electronic circuits, sometimes it becomes necessary to adjust the value of frequency. For example, we want to change the radio station, set different timing, etc. Such … Read more

Variable Resistor: Types, Specifications, Advantages.

Variable resistor types | variable resistor and rheostat difference | Different specifications | variable resistor symbol, variable resistor examples | A variable resistor is another family member of a linear resistor whose resistance values adjusted to any desired value within the given range. There are various types of the variable linear resistor in the market … Read more