Introduction on SMD: Surface Mount Devices.

Introduction on SMD or SMT | What is surface mounted devices or technology | Advantages of SMD or SMT | Disadvantages of SMD or SMT | Basic introduction of SMD: Surface Mounted Devices. Surface mount technology is a method for constructing electronic circuit in which the components which will surface mount components mounted directly into … Read more

Variable Inductor: Types, Construction, Application, etc

Types of variable Inductor | Slug-tuned inductor | Tapped inductor | What is the Frequency Range inductor | Construction and applications | Types of variable inductor: In electronic circuits, sometimes it becomes necessary to adjust the value of frequency. For example, we want to change the radio station, set different timing, etc. Such types of … Read more

Specifications of Inductor: (With mathematical expressions)

Different specifications of Inductor | Inductance of coil | Inductive reactance | self- inductance | Mutual inductance | Mathematical equation | Specifications of Inductor: When we working with an inductor we must very well know about all specifications of the inductor they are as; 1. The inductance of coil 2. Inductive reactance 3. Self-inductance 4. … Read more