Introduction on SMD: Surface Mount Devices.

Introduction on SMD or SMT | What is surface mounted devices or technology | Advantages of SMD or SMT | Disadvantages of SMD or SMT | Basic introduction of SMD: Surface Mounted Devices. Surface mount technology is a method for constructing electronic circuit in which the components which will surface mount components mounted directly into … Read more

What is the Surface Mount Technology:

What is the Surface Mount Technology | Its different types | Its different parameter | Surface mount technology: As in SMT holes will not use for leads, it uses concurrent engineers that will design, manufacturing tests, and marketing people also decide board layout, parts, placement, test packaging, etc. Various parameters controlled carefully using design for … Read more

Variable Inductor: Types, Construction, Application, etc

Types of variable Inductor | Slug-tuned inductor | Tapped inductor | What is the Frequency Range inductor | variable inductor application and construction | Types of variable inductor: In electronic circuits, sometimes it becomes necessary to adjust the value of frequency. For example, we want to change the radio station, set different timing, etc. Such … Read more