Variable Inductor: Types, Construction, Application, etc

Types of variable Inductor | Slug-tuned inductor | Tapped inductor | What is the Frequency Range inductor | variable inductor application and construction | Types of variable inductor: In electronic circuits, sometimes it becomes necessary to adjust the value of frequency. For example, we want to change the radio station, set different timing, etc. Such … Read more

Specifications of Inductor: (With mathematical expressions)

Different specifications of Inductor | Inductance of coil | Inductive reactance | self- inductance | Mutual inductance | Mathematical equation | Specifications of Inductor: When we working with an inductor we must very well know about all specifications of the inductor they are as; 1. The inductance of coil 2. Inductive reactance 3. Self-inductance 4. … Read more

Electromagnetic induction: (Nature of induced E.M.F)

Dynamically, Statically induced E.M.F | Self, Mutually induced E.M.F | Nature of the induced E.M.F | Concept of Electromagnetic induction | Concept of Electromagnetic induction: Electromagnetic induction is the production of voltage across a conductor situated in a changing magnetic field or a conductor moving through a stationary magnetic field. In other words, the production … Read more

Concept of Hysteresis, Soft, and Hard Magnetic materials, applications.

Concept of Hysteresis | Comparison of Soft and Hard Magnetic Materials | Soft Magnetic, Hard Magnetic materials | Application, Properties | Concept of Hysteresis A hysteresis curve or B-H curve is as shown in the figure. In magnetization characteristic, magnetizing force “H” is increasing, so that flux density “B” also increases up to the saturation … Read more

What is the magnetism of material: Different types, magnetic terms.

In this article, we will learn about what is the magnetism of the material and its terms. Also, we study its different types of Magnetic materials are those materials in which the state of magnetization induced. When magnetized, such materials create a magnetic field in the surrounding space. Magnetic material provides the ‘driving force‘ that … Read more